The corned beef post

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Happy St. Patrick's Day! 

I didn't grow up eating corned beef but I've always been a huge fan of this deliciously salty, briny cut of beef. I've only recently done the St. Patrick's-day-corned-beef-and-cabbage-thing so I'm no expert at the actual cooking of this dinner. But the basic concept seems to be to simmer the brined beef brisket, which I purchased pre-brined, until it's tender, to my liking. Towards the end you add potatoes and carrots. Then you add the cabbage. Finally, it all gets tender at the end, you slice the beef and serve it all up. So that was the plan this past Sunday. I cooked it all up on Sunday afternoon. But, for whatever reason, none of us really wanted to eat it that night. So we called an audible and ordered pizza. So I packed it all up and and figured we'd eat it on the actual St. Patrick's Day.

I pulled out the corned beef with all it's fixin's. But I decided that I didn't feel like reheating all of it and eating it, as-is. So for the kids, I cut up the corned beef, potatoes, and carrots into cubes and skewered 'em! Why? Because it's food on a stick. And who doesn't like food on a stick? They're already cooked so I just wanted to get a little color on them and get them a bit crispy. So I put them on a sheet pan, coated them in olive oil and threw them under the broiler.

For the grown-ups I went with corned beef hash. A classic use of the left over corned beef dinner. I diced up some beef and just broke up the potatoes and carrots with my hands for that rustic texture. Then I sauteed all of that up, along with a minced shallot, in olive oil til it started to get crispy. A little over-easy egg on top and we were good to go. Delicious. All washed down with Guinness, of course.

Who else had corned beef and cabbage tonight?