Grilled steak and grilled corn

Grilled steak and grilled corn

The long wait for summer to arrive for good ended this past weekend. It was the first weekend of extended outdoor activities. It was the first weekend of seeking shade from the hot sun. It was the first weekend for grilling. Now, I've already called on the services of my grill this spring and I know many who grill all year-round. But, it's not same as grilling, out in the hot sun, simultaneously battling the fieriness of the flames jumping toward you. 

This particular Sunday was not made for a long stints in front of the stove with simmering pots and pans. I wanted something fast and appropriate for the occasion. Nothing seems more evocative of a perfect summer meal that a hot grill full of juicy steaks and sweet corn. Corn? In May? I know, I know. It's not really corn season but I was willing to compromise some sub-standard corn on the cob so that I could humor my desire for the perfect summer meal. Though, I have to say, the corn wasn't so bad! Lowered expectations? Perhaps.

So this particular meal doesn't require a recipe. The techniques are well-known. I will only say that it's important to season your steaks well. Which means: don't be shy with the salt! Especially, if it's a thick steak. And let the steak rest for 5 minutes before you cut into it! I will also say that I prefer to remove the husk from the ears of corn before grilling. I know a lot of people favor grilling with the husk in place, but I want that toasted, caramelized exterior on my corn-on-the-cob. 

What's your quintessential summer meal?