Make your own cookbook! I did.

Make your own cookbook! I did.

So, the nice folks at Blurb gave me a credit so I could make a book to try out their service. Naturally, I chose to make a cookbook. I figured I would use the content from my blog to put a book together quickly. I wanted to see how easy it was, what the quality was like, etc. and I'm happy to report that the experience was pretty great!

I decided to use one of their stock templates but the option of laying out your book yourself and uploading the custom-designed pages to publish your book is available. In the future, I will probably do that since that is what I do for a living! But there's a cookbook template available so I just went with that and it looks nice and clean. You even have the ability to customize some of the layout elements as well as fonts.


If I were an aspiring writer, photographer or even a budding cookbook author, I could even sell my books through their online storefront! Now, I don't expect anyone to buy my book, but if I were a photographer and wanted to sell a coffee table book of my work, this would be a great way to go. On the cooking front, I think this would be a great way to put together a book of recipes as a fundraiser item. I've seen many Xeroxed and stapled cookbooks that are used for fundraising. This would be so much nicer!

Anyway, just wanted to share this cool project I did with you. I know a lot of you cook & like to take pictures of your food so why not make a book? Oh, I almost forgot the important part! I've got a code for you so you can get 20% off your order. Save 20% on your entire order with the code: BLURB20.